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Welcome, my name is Okke Verstrenge.

I was born in 1956 in the province of Zeeland (The Netherlands) and went via Rotterdam to the province of Limburg, where I live nowadays. Originally I trained as a teacher: I taught for many years, then pursued other goals: I was a CEO, project manager and chairman of a union. For the last ten years I have worked as a business consultant & coach and as an interim manager. I’m also an experienced host , speaker, presenter and columnist.

I have been an actor for about 8 years, and loving it! I am self-taught in this area.



2012: Mailman thriller Omega
2013 – present: Commissaris Meijer 045 De Serie
2017: Leading actor 48 Hours Project Hiep Hiep’ 2017: guest perfomance NPO 1 TV Sorry voor Alles
2018: Leading actor shortmovie Lege Handen
2018: Leading actor shortmovie Me, Grandpa & the tree’
2018: Father You Tube commercial Wolky Shoes
2014 – 2019: Warden Henk Keizer real life game Prison Escape
2019: Gardener 48 Hours Project Gesloten ogen
2019: Leading actor 48 Hours Project Bondgenoot
2019: Leading actor shortmovie Burn Out’
2019: Leading actor shortmovie Awareness
2020: Leading actor shortmovie Closure
2020: Leading actor shortmovie Lijkzak
2020: Special appearance in Wat de fok ouwe (videoclip Def P en DJ Dano)
2020: Guru Henk in Guru Henk (theater/movie)

Upcoming projects


De moord van Raamsdonck – movie, historical
Een stukje hemel – monologue, drama
Maatjes – shortmovie, thriller

Photo by Ilya de Milde



André Sjouerman
tel: +31 20 6754279

Languages and dialects

Dutch is my native language.
I’m fluent in Zeeuws (dialect of the province of Zeeland) and Limburgs (dialect of the province of Limburg). When needed, I can do an impression of a Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam or Frisian accent.
English: very good, German: good, French: average, but good enough to reproduce text in French.


Piano, organ, song and dance

I’m a classically trained organist and pianist.
I like to dance: ballroom, merengue and salsa. I always loved singing, but purely for my own pleasure. In 2018 I took the bull by the horns and participated in two workshops by Martine Reyners. There I learned to use my voice as a real instrument.
I am a baritone and love to sing all kinds of songs: church hymns, musicals, pop, chanson and opera.

Piano, from Sonatine Op. 168 nr 1 – Czerny


I am a sailor, a tennis player and I used to play volleyball and basketball.


Height 6.5ft
Chest 4ft
Dress size 44/46
Shirt size 16.5/17
Shoe size 11.5

Burn Out


Holy Shit!

Wolky shoes commercial

Keizer is back

Prison Escape

Wat de fok ouwe

DJ Dano, Def P

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